Friday, 20 September 2013

A Birthday Party

        Juliana, who is twelve years old, is a kind-hearted and loving girl. Last Saturday was Juliana's twelfth birthday. She had a wonderful birthday party in her house at the living room. The house was beautifully decorated as in the fairy tale's world. Her family put the balloon with different colours and shaped and she hung some colourful ribbons on the wall. Her mother and her sister cooked some scrumptious food such as muffins, sausages, custard, fried noodles and fried chickens. They also made a variety refreshing beveranges. Her father bought a big moist chocolate cake covered with some stramberries. He put a few of candles on the cake and lighted it up. She invited her friends, relatives and neighbours to the party.
        The party started at 5.00 o'clock in the evening. Juliana wore a beautiful dress with is special present from her parents. All the guests ate the food there. They took some pictures for memories. They gave Juliana lovely presents. Juliana blew the candles and the the guests clapped their hands while singing a birthday song. After that, they played some interesting games such as musical chair and puzzles. It was fun. They enjoyed themselves very much.
        It ended late in the evening. All the guests departed. Juliana was happy to receive a lot of lovely presents. Juliana thanked them. They wished that Juliana will be always be in a pink of health. Juliana leaped with joy when she opened all the presents. She was greatly happy as she was be able to celebrate her birthday successfully. It was a memorable day for all of them.

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